Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To the rescue

A story from last summer....
So I finally dragged myself out of bed at 8 this morning (good boys for sleeping in). Jason was running out the door because he woke up late. So I jumped in the shower before anyone got up so I could get the cobwebs out of my head. Then Jacob gets up, I nurse him, and as the boys come stagering out of their room, the phone rings. Jason has a flat tire and wants me to go to WalMart to get him a new tire and rim because he only has a doughnut spare on his new car. He had to drive 2 hours away and didn't want to do it on a tiny tire. I was closer to Wal Mart since he was heading the opposite direction. So, great, I have to feed and dress everyone and get them out the door, quick. But J calls back and says that walmart doesn't carry the rim, so nevermind. But he did forget his phone. So I thought I would be a nice wife and run his phone out to him since we had all hurried and got ready already. He has two phones, he left his work phone at home, which isn't good. So as we are putting shoes on, I happen to glance over at the boys little table and there's J's laptop, his daily planner, and a bunch of paperwork. So I grab all of it thinking I'm probably saving his day! So I had to take the "back" way to the freeway since it takes a long time going the "regular" way and it's the opposite direction. But I'm not sure how to go that way. So I pretty much was driving through back country roads, hoping I could figure it out. Meanwhile Nate is informing me we should buy another gps so I don't get lost anymore. And Sam keeps yelling, "lookout cop car!"...which wasn't true but freaked me out everytime he did it. Finally J called me back and told me which way to go, I had been right so far, woohoo. So I end up on a dirt road and everytime I go over 30 mph my car is sliding all over. Apparently they had re-rocked it getting ready for winter. So I'm freaking out, I so hate dirt roads (that would be the city girl in me). But I LOVE the feeling when you finally get off the dirt road and hit pavement, woohoo, smooth sailing. Anyway, we got to J safely finally. I was his hero since I had found his laptop too. On the way home, well not really on the way because we actually had to go back past our house, we went to a farm stand and got some peaches, yum! And then we went and played at the playground for while. Now finally back home! So that was our morning!

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