Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The boys like to tell me to get in their airplanes and then they pretend to fly around with me in them. And then I have to get out. Sam comes up to me after he's told me to get in his airplane and flown around for awhile and says "Mom, you're still in my airplane" So I say "Weeee!" And Sam says "You can't say Weee, you're not flying right now." lol, I guess he was right, silly me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sam says...

As a preface to this post...a couple weeks ago our oldest dog died....and months ago we found out that we are expecting baby #4 (yeah that's why I haven't thought to post in a while, been busy, and sick)
So Sam walks around saying all the time, with absolute excitment in his voice..."We're getting a new dog AND a new baby!!!!" Such a cutie he is.

watch out for that ball!!

So we assumed it would be Nate that would get hit in the face first with a baseball since he's playing t-ball....but it turned out to be poor little Jacob. Second bloody nose for him...the first was booger picking gone bad =)