Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whiny butts

This is a story from a couple weeks ago.
I have some whiny butt boys today. They are whining about everything! I got everyone ready to go out in the snow so we could play (do you know how long that takes with 3 of them??? holy cow!) We went out and Nate and Sam were fighting about everything. Jacob was upset because he could barely move in his snow gear. Everyone wanted me to spin them on the tube, but would whine if it wasn't their turn. So finally I left the big boys out there and came in to put Jacob down for a nap. I told them they had to clean up the toys before they came in. 20 minutes later Nate just came in bawling that Sam wouldn't bring the wagon over by the toys to clean up.
I went and put Jacob down for his nap. I looked out the window on my way back across the house and Nathanael is laying face down in the snow kicking his legs and pounding on the ground. I couldn't believe it, I just had to laugh. The kid has never had a temper tantrum, so this was odd. By the time I put my shoes and jacket on and got back outside, he was riding a sled down a tiny little "hill" I didn't bother even asking him about it. I helped them clean up the toys and then brought them in for lunch. Then I had to do some work down in the basement, so they came down and colored while I worked. They were perfectly fine. Then we came back up for naptime and they started whining and fighting again! Atleast eveyone is asleep now!

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