Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boys like to wrestle....

I was doing some work on the computer in the basement while Jacob was napping and had the other two boys down there with me. Usually they color while I work. But not today. They kept wrestling around. I told them to stop because I kept hearing them hit the wall, not to mention the floor is carpeted but it's just thin carpet over the concrete slab, no real padding. I told them to stop and then heard Nate say "cuddle cuddle" and I looked and he had Sam in a huge bear hug laying on the floor...whatever, alteast they weren't hurting each other so I turn back to the computer. Next thing I hear is a thump and Sam screaming. I look back and Nate is on top of Sam and he's face down on the floor. I yell at Nate and tell him to get off and come over to me. As Sam peals himself off the floor I notice he has blood streaming down his face. I gasp which makes Nate look back at Sam and he gasps and gets a total horrified look on his face. He had a bloody nose and blood coming out of his mouth. It was awful. And all he kept saying was "Nate-dog hit me really hard" He wouldn't let me pinch his nose for very long so I tried to stuff tp up it and he started screaming and pulled it out and then when he saw the blood all over it he tried to stuff it back up, lol. He was a sweet little cuddle bug for awhile but he's fine now. I told him it wouldn't be the last time Nate would make him bleed!

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