Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our dogs were dognapped

This is a story from November...
So Friday morning I left for the store and left the dogs out like I usually do. They've been sticking around and not taking off. They go to the lake (about a quarter mile away) and come back, and that's it. They weren't here when I came back and still weren't home that night. None of the neighbors had seen them and the shelter in the next town didn't have them either. So Saturday we put some fliers out down in town, and before J was even home a girl from the college had called and said her professor had taken the dogs to the shelter, but couldn't tell me which one. We called the shelter in the town on the other side of us, not there either. So we're totally baffled. Then at 7am Sunday morning (who calls that early???) some guy calls and says the dogs were in a kennel by the town buildings (who knew we had a kennel??? we have nothing else!) He said they were closed but if we called the police they would have a key to let them out. So J goes down to the police station and they were closed!!! What the heck? What kind of town has a police station that closes?? Anyway....there's a phone number on the door to call in case the doors are locked. He forgot his phone so he came home and called. This apparently was an emergency line, oops. But the lady said she'd have one of the officers call him back. We waited around all day, no call. Dh goes down to the police station again, still locked. At this point there was nothing we could do. I'm pissed because it was cold out and the dogs had to sleep out there because no one could call us back. So first thing Monday morning J goes over there (which I didn't know because I went to the store) and the town buildings are now open but no one has a key to the stupid kennels apparently. Finally a clerk comes over to him and says some lady brought them in with the intention of adopting them when they weren't claimed. She told the city people that the dogs were abandoned up on the hill (the HILL WE LIVE ON, on our street) She took them from our street and didn't bother asking any of the 4 people that live on our street if they were anyone's dogs. She insisted to the city workers that they were just dumped up there. Our dogs are so friendly they would get in the car with anyone, they love car rides. And this stupid lady tried to steal them from us! Our dog is 12 years old, which is old for a big dog, with fatty tumors and a cyst, why would she want her??? She's a sweet dog and she's beautiful but come on. Anyway, so I freaked out when I got home from the store and the dogs came running down the driveway at me! J hadn't told me he sprung them (apparently they weren't even locked up so we could have broke them out at any time!....what the heck is wrong with this town?? lol) Anyway, they are safe and sound but our dog seems to have a cold, she's sneezing like crazy. But the other dog is fine.

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