Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I had all three boys in the bath tonight. Usually they don't all take a bath together but I was bathing Jacob and Sam asked to get in. So I put him in. Then Nate came up and wanted to get in too. Jason came in a little while later to ask me something. And when I looked back Nate was saying "Mom! Jacob pooped!" over and over again! I jumped up, yelled "Everyone out!" and grabbed them all out. So I left Nate and Sam in the bathroom with their towels on while I went and got Jacob changed. The bathroom is right across the hall from Jacob's room. Sam started crying really loud because he wanted to get back in the bath. Meanwhile I'm yelling for J to come help and he wasn't coming. He must have been in the basement because I heard him come up, he hears me yelling and Sam screaming, so he comes tearing across the house to see what was wrong. I told him what happened, so as he's about to go get the boys dressed, we hear Nathanael say really calmly "Sam's peeing on me!" J ducks back into Jacob's room and we start cracking up! And of course Jacob thinks that's funny so he starts laughing at us. Way to ruin bath night! Lol

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