Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why oh why

Do you know how many times today I have said "Why is there water everywhere?" And I never seem to get an answer! To be fair, most of the times today I believe it was Jake, and I doubt he's going to say "well, Mom, you see...".
Usually it's "What in the world is all over the floor??" But today is a water day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have to start checking pockets!

I just pulled the laundry out of the dryer and found about ten tinker toy pieces. So annoying. I vaguely remember telling Nate and Sam to put them away yesterday because Jacob kept chewing on them. I guess that's where they put them!

Yeah Salad!

I just discovered that my kids all love caesar salad! Even Jacob! Last time we had it I thought it was a fluke that they all ate a ton of salad. But tonight they did it again! Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So cute

Suddenly Sam seems so old and he seems to think he knows EVERYTHING. But he just did something so cute. He was walking behind J in the hall and said "I want to hug you dad" So he turns around and hugs him but doesn't bend down. Sam says "No, I don't want to hug your pants, I want to hug your shirt" J just laughed and picked him up.

Our dogs were dognapped

This is a story from November...
So Friday morning I left for the store and left the dogs out like I usually do. They've been sticking around and not taking off. They go to the lake (about a quarter mile away) and come back, and that's it. They weren't here when I came back and still weren't home that night. None of the neighbors had seen them and the shelter in the next town didn't have them either. So Saturday we put some fliers out down in town, and before J was even home a girl from the college had called and said her professor had taken the dogs to the shelter, but couldn't tell me which one. We called the shelter in the town on the other side of us, not there either. So we're totally baffled. Then at 7am Sunday morning (who calls that early???) some guy calls and says the dogs were in a kennel by the town buildings (who knew we had a kennel??? we have nothing else!) He said they were closed but if we called the police they would have a key to let them out. So J goes down to the police station and they were closed!!! What the heck? What kind of town has a police station that closes?? Anyway....there's a phone number on the door to call in case the doors are locked. He forgot his phone so he came home and called. This apparently was an emergency line, oops. But the lady said she'd have one of the officers call him back. We waited around all day, no call. Dh goes down to the police station again, still locked. At this point there was nothing we could do. I'm pissed because it was cold out and the dogs had to sleep out there because no one could call us back. So first thing Monday morning J goes over there (which I didn't know because I went to the store) and the town buildings are now open but no one has a key to the stupid kennels apparently. Finally a clerk comes over to him and says some lady brought them in with the intention of adopting them when they weren't claimed. She told the city people that the dogs were abandoned up on the hill (the HILL WE LIVE ON, on our street) She took them from our street and didn't bother asking any of the 4 people that live on our street if they were anyone's dogs. She insisted to the city workers that they were just dumped up there. Our dogs are so friendly they would get in the car with anyone, they love car rides. And this stupid lady tried to steal them from us! Our dog is 12 years old, which is old for a big dog, with fatty tumors and a cyst, why would she want her??? She's a sweet dog and she's beautiful but come on. Anyway, so I freaked out when I got home from the store and the dogs came running down the driveway at me! J hadn't told me he sprung them (apparently they weren't even locked up so we could have broke them out at any time!....what the heck is wrong with this town?? lol) Anyway, they are safe and sound but our dog seems to have a cold, she's sneezing like crazy. But the other dog is fine.

Whiny butts

This is a story from a couple weeks ago.
I have some whiny butt boys today. They are whining about everything! I got everyone ready to go out in the snow so we could play (do you know how long that takes with 3 of them??? holy cow!) We went out and Nate and Sam were fighting about everything. Jacob was upset because he could barely move in his snow gear. Everyone wanted me to spin them on the tube, but would whine if it wasn't their turn. So finally I left the big boys out there and came in to put Jacob down for a nap. I told them they had to clean up the toys before they came in. 20 minutes later Nate just came in bawling that Sam wouldn't bring the wagon over by the toys to clean up.
I went and put Jacob down for his nap. I looked out the window on my way back across the house and Nathanael is laying face down in the snow kicking his legs and pounding on the ground. I couldn't believe it, I just had to laugh. The kid has never had a temper tantrum, so this was odd. By the time I put my shoes and jacket on and got back outside, he was riding a sled down a tiny little "hill" I didn't bother even asking him about it. I helped them clean up the toys and then brought them in for lunch. Then I had to do some work down in the basement, so they came down and colored while I worked. They were perfectly fine. Then we came back up for naptime and they started whining and fighting again! Atleast eveyone is asleep now!


Nate wanted to go out and play in the snow. Sam wanted to go with him. So I got them dressed and they went out. So I go change Jacob's diaper so I can take him out to play. I was gone probably literally 2 minutes. I get to the door and Sam is climbing out of the POND screaming. Everytime those boys go out the door to play by themselves I always say "stay away from the pond". They KNOW they are not allowed to go near it if we are not out there. But I didn't say it this time and I feel so bad. Though he does know better and I shouldn't have HAD to say it. Anyway, so he's standing next to the pond in like 2 feet of snow and can't walk. So I left Jacob, and ran out and rescued him. He was wet up to his chest. The pond is only a few feet deep at most. It's really a glorified puddle. It'll be frozen for the rest of the winter soon thank goodness, just hasn't been cold enough yet. So I stripped him down and threw him in the shower. So while I'm washing him he was saying "I was in the pond forever calling for you". Poor thing. And I had to convince him he had only been outside for a few minutes. Luckily he's ok and I bet he won't go near the pond again, but it scared the poop out of me!


So a little bit ago we got home from the grocery store (congratulate me for driving through this nasty snowstorm!!! I wouldn't let the boys talk to me while I was driving, lol) We actually made it all the way back down our driveway, last winter there were times I had to leave the car halfway down because I got stuck. So I'm all proud the trip was successful and safe. Nate jumps out of the car and yells "Hey that's a deer leg" (how that kid knows what a deer leg looks like is beyond me) I'm on the other side of the car and yell "Where???" He says "In Rayna's mouth!!!" (that's the OTHER dog) Last week a deer was hit down the road and it still hasn't been cleaned up. Our neighbor informed us that our dogs and his dog go out there and munch on it together. Nasty nasty! And of course she had to bring a piece home! Ugh!!! I won't let her in. She's out in the snow.

fun day with Sam

The other day I took just Sam and we went shopping. We did some grocery shopping. Then went out to lunch. And then more shopping. It was so fun hanging out with him alone. We weren't in the car two minutes on the way home when he fell asleep. Luckily he was asleep because while we were in the store it started hailing and the roads were really bad, so I was freaking out a little.


So while all the boys were napping yesterday the power went out and came back on. We have electric heaters in the boys rooms. Apparently the one in Sam's room defaults to high if it turns off and back on. After four hours of sleeping dh went in to check on Sam. It was 80 degrees in his room! It was like a sauna. Sam was all groggy. He's on the bottom bunk ,and since heat rises he gets cold sometimes. This must have been the best nap ever. 4 hours!!!


So I kept thinking that Nate's hair was growing out funny from his last haircut. The hair on the top of his head was shorter than the rest. So J was looking at him last night and asked him if he cut his hair. He said no. So we're looking at it and thinking "this is really weird". Then it occurred to us and we said "Did SAM cut your hair?" And he said yes and proceeded to tell us the story. Nate was sitting at the table drawing and Sam reached over and cut a chunk of hair off and then threw it in the trash. He covered his tracks! We were trying to be stern with them about it but we totally couldn't stop laughing.

I'm on a work call

We give our old cell phones to the boys for toys. Sam's new thing is to walk around with the phone to his ear yelling "Hello, Hello?" (kind of like you would if you were losing cell service). And then he says "yeah yeah yeah, uh huh" And sometimes he says "SSHHH, I'm on a work call" He does this all day long, lol, it cracks me up!


I was giving Sam a hug and Nate came up behind me and said "group hug" and hugged us from behind. As they walked away, Jacob came crawling across the room as fast as his little body would take him, pulled himself up and put his arms around me...he wanted a hug too =) I love those boys!


So I had all three boys in the bath tonight. Usually they don't all take a bath together but I was bathing Jacob and Sam asked to get in. So I put him in. Then Nate came up and wanted to get in too. Jason came in a little while later to ask me something. And when I looked back Nate was saying "Mom! Jacob pooped!" over and over again! I jumped up, yelled "Everyone out!" and grabbed them all out. So I left Nate and Sam in the bathroom with their towels on while I went and got Jacob changed. The bathroom is right across the hall from Jacob's room. Sam started crying really loud because he wanted to get back in the bath. Meanwhile I'm yelling for J to come help and he wasn't coming. He must have been in the basement because I heard him come up, he hears me yelling and Sam screaming, so he comes tearing across the house to see what was wrong. I told him what happened, so as he's about to go get the boys dressed, we hear Nathanael say really calmly "Sam's peeing on me!" J ducks back into Jacob's room and we start cracking up! And of course Jacob thinks that's funny so he starts laughing at us. Way to ruin bath night! Lol

Hurry up!

Sam was under the dining room table pooping. Nathanael walks in there and says "Hurry up dude, you're stinking up the place" Kids are so funny .

To the rescue

A story from last summer....
So I finally dragged myself out of bed at 8 this morning (good boys for sleeping in). Jason was running out the door because he woke up late. So I jumped in the shower before anyone got up so I could get the cobwebs out of my head. Then Jacob gets up, I nurse him, and as the boys come stagering out of their room, the phone rings. Jason has a flat tire and wants me to go to WalMart to get him a new tire and rim because he only has a doughnut spare on his new car. He had to drive 2 hours away and didn't want to do it on a tiny tire. I was closer to Wal Mart since he was heading the opposite direction. So, great, I have to feed and dress everyone and get them out the door, quick. But J calls back and says that walmart doesn't carry the rim, so nevermind. But he did forget his phone. So I thought I would be a nice wife and run his phone out to him since we had all hurried and got ready already. He has two phones, he left his work phone at home, which isn't good. So as we are putting shoes on, I happen to glance over at the boys little table and there's J's laptop, his daily planner, and a bunch of paperwork. So I grab all of it thinking I'm probably saving his day! So I had to take the "back" way to the freeway since it takes a long time going the "regular" way and it's the opposite direction. But I'm not sure how to go that way. So I pretty much was driving through back country roads, hoping I could figure it out. Meanwhile Nate is informing me we should buy another gps so I don't get lost anymore. And Sam keeps yelling, "lookout cop car!"...which wasn't true but freaked me out everytime he did it. Finally J called me back and told me which way to go, I had been right so far, woohoo. So I end up on a dirt road and everytime I go over 30 mph my car is sliding all over. Apparently they had re-rocked it getting ready for winter. So I'm freaking out, I so hate dirt roads (that would be the city girl in me). But I LOVE the feeling when you finally get off the dirt road and hit pavement, woohoo, smooth sailing. Anyway, we got to J safely finally. I was his hero since I had found his laptop too. On the way home, well not really on the way because we actually had to go back past our house, we went to a farm stand and got some peaches, yum! And then we went and played at the playground for while. Now finally back home! So that was our morning!

Boys like to wrestle....

I was doing some work on the computer in the basement while Jacob was napping and had the other two boys down there with me. Usually they color while I work. But not today. They kept wrestling around. I told them to stop because I kept hearing them hit the wall, not to mention the floor is carpeted but it's just thin carpet over the concrete slab, no real padding. I told them to stop and then heard Nate say "cuddle cuddle" and I looked and he had Sam in a huge bear hug laying on the floor...whatever, alteast they weren't hurting each other so I turn back to the computer. Next thing I hear is a thump and Sam screaming. I look back and Nate is on top of Sam and he's face down on the floor. I yell at Nate and tell him to get off and come over to me. As Sam peals himself off the floor I notice he has blood streaming down his face. I gasp which makes Nate look back at Sam and he gasps and gets a total horrified look on his face. He had a bloody nose and blood coming out of his mouth. It was awful. And all he kept saying was "Nate-dog hit me really hard" He wouldn't let me pinch his nose for very long so I tried to stuff tp up it and he started screaming and pulled it out and then when he saw the blood all over it he tried to stuff it back up, lol. He was a sweet little cuddle bug for awhile but he's fine now. I told him it wouldn't be the last time Nate would make him bleed!

Run run

One day over the summer, when I went running I couldn't wake up the dog to go with me (old lazy dog was snoring away) so I went by myself. I got to the bottom of the hill and turned around to come back and I heard a HUGE rustling in the bushes (keeping in mind we are surrounded by woods and there's only four houses on our street). So I'm thinking "augh I'm going to get eaten!!!" and of course I don't have the dog with me! So I took off up the hill SO FAST! Whatever it was didn't come after me! And then Jay showed up running down the hill with the dog, so that gave me better odds of not getting eaten!


So yesterday Jay set up this "big" pool we have. It's just a glorified baby pool but they call it a "family" pool. I guess it's probably about 2 ft high and ten feet long. So he filled it up yesterday because it's supposed to be 90 here today so we thought the water would warm up a little. He filled it up with the cover on so it ended up filling to the very top. I went to take the cover off this morning, which wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be. I have it about half off and I hear Nate yell "What's happening????" And Sam is just screaming. I look over and see them running because the side of the pool collapsed and there was just a waterfall of really cold water flowing out right where they had been standing. I laughed as I watched them run away and then suddenly realized Jake had been standing holding on to the side of the pool. I look at him and his face was in total shock as water is just flowing out straight onto his chest as he holds on for dear life to the side of the pool. I ran over and picked him up and he was fine. I was laughing so hard that I peed my pants!!! Which of course made me laugh even harder!

Getting dressed

Nate has been picking out his clothes himself for a little while now. He almost always picks a button down shirt with a collar. He likes to look nice =) So today while I was changing Sam's diaper I asked Nate if he wanted to pick out Sam's clothes. He was very excited and got right to it. He brings me a pair of blue windpants, which was fine. And then comes back with a red Fila jacket and a t-shirt. The jacket was size 12 months! Not sure why it was still in Sam's closet. Not to mention, neither of the two boys have ever worn it because it's kind of...I don't know what the right word would be. So Sam gets all excited about it and wants to wear it. We aren't going anywhere so I gave in. I then told Nate to get dressed and he does. I turn around to look at him and he's wearing head to toe camouflage. I hate camouflage!!! I hope no one comes over to visit today!

Adventures at the mall

So a few weeks ago we went to work with Jason and while he was working we went to the mall. I forgot to bring a stroller. So this was Sam's first experience in a department store unrestrained. We walk in the door and he starts running. Up and down aisles, between racks but not bothering anyone so I didn't worry too much. But then he realized he could hide under the racks. He thought that was really funny. Then he starts getting further and further from me so I started to get a little mad and asked him to stay near me. Nate kept coming over and would tell me he was hiding. Eventually Nate started running with him, they would run down and aisle and back to me. Well, then Nate came back without Sam! He says he just kept running. We went looking for him and couldn't find him! Nobody had seen him. The sales person helped me look for him. I was freaking out! After about 5 min Nate found him hiding under a rack. I went and rented a stroller after that!

No dignity

You lose all dignity as a mother…especially in public bathrooms! I had my two youngest with me in a stall the other day while I went pee. The two year old repeats over and over “big poop, big poop”. For the sake of others in the bathroom I kept saying “no honey, I’m just peeing” and he would answer me with “BIG poop!” Hearing the chuckles from outside our stall I wonder if they believed me.

He better not break those flower pots!

Another story from last summer....
I was doing dishes on Saturday and Jay went up on the roof to clean out the gutters because it was starting to rain (if he doesn't do it the basement will leak). So I'm staring out the window above the sink and I see his legs dangling. Usually he goes up and down the ladder on the side. Outside the kitchen window there is a low overhang over the basement door. So it seemed for some reason he decided to use that to get down. So I'm thinking "he better not break my flower pots" (they are on the overhang so I can see them out the window) He jumps down from the roof and as he lands on the overhang, the whole thing came crashing down. Luckily he flew forward instead of down the basement stairs! I screamed and went running outside to see if he was ok. He wasn't moving and his leg was stuck...but it turned out he was fine. So he had to rebuild the overhang so the basement wouldn't flood! And only one of the flower pots broke!

Is it bedtime yet?

What is wrong with my kids this week??? Normally they play nice and are so sweet. It isn't even ten o'clock and Nate and Sam are trying to kill each other which is making Jake cry. Sam is hiting Nate and pushing both Nate and Jake down. Nate is stealing toys. Wow, is it bedtime yet?
I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids....just keep telling myself that =)

No poop for me!

So yesterday morning Jay let me shower before he left for work. AND while I was showering he changed two poopy diapers and wiped Nate's butt! Woohoo! So not only did I get to shower but I didn't have to deal with any poop all day! That's a good day in my book!

Why are THOSE out? (tmi)

So this is kind of embarrasing. Last weekend it was really nice out. While the two older boys were napping I was letting Jake play in the baby pool. I decided to take my shirt off and go topless to get some sun without tan lines (again sorry if tmi). Shouldn't have been a problem because even if someone drove down our driveway I would have plenty of time to put my shirt on before they saw me. So after the boys had been sleeping about 45 minutes (they usually sleep atleast 2 hours) Nate comes running out of the house, looks at me and says "Why are THOSE out?" and points at my chest! Augh!


So last night after the boys were done brushing teeth I was helping Nate wash his face. Jason had to pee before we put them to bed (sorry if tmi). Suddenly Sam fell off the stool and started screaming. Jason turned to look at him and peed all over the back of the toilet seat. So as I'm watching the pee flow off onto the floor, I'm wondering how often that happens??? I have to wash the floor around the toilets everyday and it makes sense now why! Living with guys!


This is a story from last summer....
How in the world do bees always get in my house??? It's not like I leave the door open ever. But it seems like I'm constantly chasing bees with a fly swatter! I hate bees! I didn't used to hate them that much but in Cali we got wasps around our house really bad and it would make me never want to go outside. I got stung and it was awful. There was something flying around my head this morning and Nate said it was a fly but then I saw it and it was a yellow jacket. So I cleared everyone out of the kitchen and got it with a fly swatter...problem is I can't find the body!
I had to kill yellowjacket #2 this afternoon! Sam went right up to it and said "FLY!" I looked and said "Sam run" and when I started running to get the fly swatter he freaked out and started screaming! But he cheered for me when I killed it!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Adventures with my three boys

I am a 30 year old mom of three boys. Nate 4, Sam 2, Jake 14 months (at this time). In the last 5 years I have been pregnant more often than not. I have been breastfeeding for 56 months straight. I’ve been told many times that I’m rather calm for being a mom of three boys, especially three boys 4 and under. I don’t feel calm. My husband and I have said many times that our life feels like a sitcom. I was told I should write a book. I don’t know that I have time to write a book. So instead, here are some exerts from my life…Enjoy!