Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adventures at the mall

So a few weeks ago we went to work with Jason and while he was working we went to the mall. I forgot to bring a stroller. So this was Sam's first experience in a department store unrestrained. We walk in the door and he starts running. Up and down aisles, between racks but not bothering anyone so I didn't worry too much. But then he realized he could hide under the racks. He thought that was really funny. Then he starts getting further and further from me so I started to get a little mad and asked him to stay near me. Nate kept coming over and would tell me he was hiding. Eventually Nate started running with him, they would run down and aisle and back to me. Well, then Nate came back without Sam! He says he just kept running. We went looking for him and couldn't find him! Nobody had seen him. The sales person helped me look for him. I was freaking out! After about 5 min Nate found him hiding under a rack. I went and rented a stroller after that!

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