Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is a story from last summer....
How in the world do bees always get in my house??? It's not like I leave the door open ever. But it seems like I'm constantly chasing bees with a fly swatter! I hate bees! I didn't used to hate them that much but in Cali we got wasps around our house really bad and it would make me never want to go outside. I got stung and it was awful. There was something flying around my head this morning and Nate said it was a fly but then I saw it and it was a yellow jacket. So I cleared everyone out of the kitchen and got it with a fly swatter...problem is I can't find the body!
I had to kill yellowjacket #2 this afternoon! Sam went right up to it and said "FLY!" I looked and said "Sam run" and when I started running to get the fly swatter he freaked out and started screaming! But he cheered for me when I killed it!

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