Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So a little bit ago we got home from the grocery store (congratulate me for driving through this nasty snowstorm!!! I wouldn't let the boys talk to me while I was driving, lol) We actually made it all the way back down our driveway, last winter there were times I had to leave the car halfway down because I got stuck. So I'm all proud the trip was successful and safe. Nate jumps out of the car and yells "Hey that's a deer leg" (how that kid knows what a deer leg looks like is beyond me) I'm on the other side of the car and yell "Where???" He says "In Rayna's mouth!!!" (that's the OTHER dog) Last week a deer was hit down the road and it still hasn't been cleaned up. Our neighbor informed us that our dogs and his dog go out there and munch on it together. Nasty nasty! And of course she had to bring a piece home! Ugh!!! I won't let her in. She's out in the snow.

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