Monday, November 8, 2010

Potty training is exciting!

Ok, really it isn't. But I do have to give a big apology to the natural food store we were in the other day, but to protect myself I won't be naming them by name =)

So Jake has been potty training for a few weeks now and is really starting to get it finally. As we were about to head out of the store I decided to go ask where the bathroom was and make a quick stop. So I left the boys (just Sam and Jake) at a table by the door with my bags. When I came back with the directions to the bathroom Jake is proudly standing in the middle of the room and says "Mom, I already peed" I freeze...his pants aren't wet, uhhhh. So I say, "Jake, where did you pee?" and he proudly points and says over there in those flowers. Uh yeah, the flowers were a row of potted FAKE flowers INSIDE the building. Panicking...we ran out the door. Then had a little talk about how you can pee in plants home...never inside, ANYWHERE.

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