Monday, November 8, 2010

Breakfast time

Last week I was making bagels for the kids. Nate was a little upset I hadn't bought cinnamon raisin bagels. I told him that he could go grab the cinnamon and I'll sprinkle some on his cream cheese. He goes in the pantry and brings it back and I put it on his bagel. Meanwhile, the other two boys say they want garlic flakes on theirs, so I put garlic on theirs. Nate says he wants some too. I convinced him that cinnamon and garlic probably don't go real well together and I didn't want to waste the bagel because he wouldn't eat it if he didn't like it. They all eat their bagels and then we get on with our day.
Later that day I go to make some bread. I had left the cinnamon out after breakfast so I grab and it and am about to pour it in the bowl of dough when I realize the pour spout doesn't open, the seal had never been broken. I found that weird because I always pour (instead of shake) the cinnamon into the bowl, so how has the seal never been broken? I look at the bottle and it's CAYENNE! Augh! So glad I didn't pour it in the bowl. I lean into the living room and ask Nate how his bagel was this morning and he says "Spicy!!!" HAHAHA! That'll teach him to grab the jar without reading the label! Note-he actually loves cayenne and puts it on most stuff, so this wasn't cruel. And, the garlic flakes would have actually gone wonderfully with it.

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