Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's get one of these!

We've had some really annoying car issues lately. Well, really just one issue that has had to be fixed three times. Third time is the charm right? So today is the last day (hopefully) of our car woes. We should have Jason's car back tomorrow morning and be back to a "normal" two car family. Meanwhile, thinking we would have the car back already today, I made a commitment for this morning. Luckily a friend came from out of town for a few days. He went to work with Jason and let me use his car this morning. Of course it has to be a BMW with red leather interior, 6-speed manual. Great car, lots of power...but very nervous to drive when it's not yours! Once I figured out how to start it and put it in reverse, we were on our way. The boys thought it was great everytime I pressed on the gas because the car would take off, especially Sam who would squeal with joy and tell me to go faster. About halfway to our destination Nate says, "You and I really need to get us one of these!" I couldn't help but laugh, he sounded so serious!

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