Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crazy morning

One morning last week started off as a normal morning. We ate breakfast and then I sat and drank my coffee and checked my email while Nate emptied the dishwasher, as usual. Jacob comes running across the living room, trips, falls, and smacks his face right on the wood floor. As he peels himself off the floor, my worst fear when I see a fall like that is confirmed as blood is flowing out of his mouth. I pick him up and try to stop the bleeding and calm him down. It was a lot of blood and I was a little worried it might need stitches (meanwhile I'm home with no car due to some car issues lately) Finally the blood seems to be coming to a stop and I notice the stench coming from his behind. So off we go to change what ended up being a horribly huge poopy diaper. Seriously, it was like a ten-wipes-poop! I'm in the middle of that and I hear a huge crash come from the kitchen and glass shattering. I can't go anywhere since I'm still wiping poop off Jacob. So I yell for Nate not to move. He yells back that he can't figure out how to get around all the glass. I again tell him not to move. I finish up as fast as a I can and go running to the kitchen. On my way I pass the front door and a friend is there knocking on it. She had come by to pick up a box of stuff I was donating to a charity yard sale. I asked her to go around to the other door since she would have to wade through glass to get to the box. I whisk Nate out of the kitchen on my way to the other door and tell the other boys not to move. I load up the box and then come back to deal with the kitchen. One quart size glass bottle produces an incredible amount of glass shards! It took forever to clean up. But seriously, in about 8 months that was the first thing Nate broke while emptying the dishwasher. I think that's pretty good for a 5 year old! But I was sure ready for a nap after all that!

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