Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Never thought I would say...

Here's a list of things I never thought (before kids) I would hear myself say...

Stop booby-trapping your sister!
Really?...Really?....REALLY? (which now Nate says too)
Why is Abbie in the sink?
Do NOT tie a jump rope around your sisters neck!
Do NOT pee on each other!
PLEASE pee in the toilet, not the FLOOR!
Here, let me get that booger for you.
Riding in a laundry basket down the stairs is NOT a good idea!
Please take the leash off your brother, he is not a dog.
Take the chicken outside please.
Don't touch the dogs butt!
If you spit water one more time I'm going to pour the whole cup on your head!
If you touch your brother again I will spray you! (with the kitchen faucet in hand)
I am thoroughly impressed with your strength and climbing ability, but please don't use that talent.
WHO colored all over the toilet?
Don't stand on the table!
You are NOT a Jedi!
Don't eat off the floor!
Why is there a sock in my coffee?

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