Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Such a joy!

Jacob has a special gift to make anyone smile at any time. I so appreciate that about him.
All four kids and I are sick...Jason is a little icky but not as bad as everyone else. So it's really run around here. Feeling like poop this morning but still having to carry Abbie around because she feels like poop too was exhausting. I put her in the Bjorn to give my arms a break and then sat on the toilet...not to go to the bathroom (it's not one of THOSE kind of stories), just needed a place to sit for a minute. Jacob came in and sat on the package of toilet paper on the floor in front of me. I said "nice chair you have there Jake". And he says "Yeah!" I said "it's nice and squishy, huh" He says "And it moves!!!" as he rocks back and forth on it with this huge smile on his face. His whole face lights up when he smiles, even when he's sick. He finds joy in the smallest things and spreads his joy to anyone around. Love that kid! I had to smile with him =)

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