Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Chicks Day 1

We finally made the plunge and bought some baby chicks. We've wanted to for years. Not only will it be good for the boys, but with the cost of organic eggs these days, why would we not?? We have a small post office and I went down there yesterday to give them my cell phone number in case I wasn't home when the chicks came in. The mailman proceeded to hand me my mail...small, very small, post office. This morning I get a call from the mailman (yeah, the mailman works at the post office in the morning) He says, "I have a bunch of baby chicks here yelling 'Amanda, Amanda, Amanda!' better come get them!" So I get the boys ready because they were too excited to stay home. We pull up to the post office, didn't even have the boys unbuckled yet and the mailman walks out with the chicks and brings them to the car...along with our mail for today. Gotta love small town post offices! We get home and luckily catch Jason before he's pulled out of the driveway so he can see the chicks before he leaves for work. He carries them in and opens the box. First thing that happens?? Jacob reaches in and grabs one around the neck and picks it up. Poor thing didn't open it's eyes after that for awhile (he was standing up and breathing though). After they all got moved into their temporary home I let each boy hold one. Nate and Sam were fine but I was monitoring Jacob like crazy. So he's petting it and loving it...and then grabs it by the neck again!!! Augh! So he lost the chance to hold the chick's for awhile. Meanwhile Sam starts freaking out...I look over and he poop on his, first victim! Just glad it wasn't me =) Sam kept yelling at the chick, "I'm not a toilet!" over and over again. The boys spent a good chunk of the day watching the chicks after this. Jacob proceeded over the day to throw a basket ball, a couple wrappers, a magnet, a spoon, and a couple other things into the box with the chicks. And while I was making dinner I heard glass shattering and I went running. Jacob had grabbed the chick's light and smashed it against a post, shattered light bulb everywhere. After it cooled down, took care of that and gave them a new light. Then later in the evening our hunter cat came in from outside and was very interested and jumped on the box twice. But she decided to leave them alone. We'll see how the night, and day # 2 goes!

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