Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Never thought I would say...

Here's a list of things I never thought (before kids) I would hear myself say...

Stop booby-trapping your sister!
Really?...Really?....REALLY? (which now Nate says too)
Why is Abbie in the sink?
Do NOT tie a jump rope around your sisters neck!
Do NOT pee on each other!
PLEASE pee in the toilet, not the FLOOR!
Here, let me get that booger for you.
Riding in a laundry basket down the stairs is NOT a good idea!
Please take the leash off your brother, he is not a dog.
Take the chicken outside please.
Don't touch the dogs butt!
If you spit water one more time I'm going to pour the whole cup on your head!
If you touch your brother again I will spray you! (with the kitchen faucet in hand)
I am thoroughly impressed with your strength and climbing ability, but please don't use that talent.
WHO colored all over the toilet?
Don't stand on the table!
You are NOT a Jedi!
Don't eat off the floor!
Why is there a sock in my coffee?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bath time

So, pooping in the bathtub is inevitable with any baby...just surprised it took Abbie 15 months to do it! Granted I wish Jason hadn't been dunking the boys heads in the bath when it happened. Sam yells "HEY, that's POOP!!!" Ick....everybody got scrubbed down!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Breakfast time

Last week I was making bagels for the kids. Nate was a little upset I hadn't bought cinnamon raisin bagels. I told him that he could go grab the cinnamon and I'll sprinkle some on his cream cheese. He goes in the pantry and brings it back and I put it on his bagel. Meanwhile, the other two boys say they want garlic flakes on theirs, so I put garlic on theirs. Nate says he wants some too. I convinced him that cinnamon and garlic probably don't go real well together and I didn't want to waste the bagel because he wouldn't eat it if he didn't like it. They all eat their bagels and then we get on with our day.
Later that day I go to make some bread. I had left the cinnamon out after breakfast so I grab and it and am about to pour it in the bowl of dough when I realize the pour spout doesn't open, the seal had never been broken. I found that weird because I always pour (instead of shake) the cinnamon into the bowl, so how has the seal never been broken? I look at the bottle and it's CAYENNE! Augh! So glad I didn't pour it in the bowl. I lean into the living room and ask Nate how his bagel was this morning and he says "Spicy!!!" HAHAHA! That'll teach him to grab the jar without reading the label! Note-he actually loves cayenne and puts it on most stuff, so this wasn't cruel. And, the garlic flakes would have actually gone wonderfully with it.

Potty training is exciting!

Ok, really it isn't. But I do have to give a big apology to the natural food store we were in the other day, but to protect myself I won't be naming them by name =)

So Jake has been potty training for a few weeks now and is really starting to get it finally. As we were about to head out of the store I decided to go ask where the bathroom was and make a quick stop. So I left the boys (just Sam and Jake) at a table by the door with my bags. When I came back with the directions to the bathroom Jake is proudly standing in the middle of the room and says "Mom, I already peed" I freeze...his pants aren't wet, uhhhh. So I say, "Jake, where did you pee?" and he proudly points and says over there in those flowers. Uh yeah, the flowers were a row of potted FAKE flowers INSIDE the building. Panicking...we ran out the door. Then had a little talk about how you can pee in plants outside...at home...never inside, ANYWHERE.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What happens when you don't tell them...

...to not play with the razor in the shower? Your oldest shaves a chunk out of the youngest's hair. Nice! Luckily he has so much hair you can barely tell. I was freaking out trying to figure out where all the chunks of hair were coming from. Nobody would tell me. Finally Jake says "Nate used THAT thing" and points at the razor. Could have been much worse, atleast there was no blood!

My favorite thing when nursing...

...is when my baby pulls off and looks up at me with such love, gives me a huge smile with milk dribbling out of their mouth =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mommy tricks..

These are just a few things I’ve learned over the years I’ve been a mom.

Little one doesn’t want to wash their hands? Fill the sink up with soapy water and let them splash around with a toy. They are sure to get clean. Warning: make sure they aren’t wearing anything you don’t want wet! This also works if they have marker or ink on their hands, which doesn’t come off well with just regular washing. Give the hands a good soak and the marker should be gone! Plus they'll have a blast!

Squirmy diaper changes that you could arguably call wrestling matches? Let them hold the diaper while you change them. Or give them something special they aren’t usually allowed to play with. It should keep them fascinated long enough to get that diaper changed.

Boys love mud. Let them play in it. It makes them so happy. You can always scrub them down later.

Give a boy a bucket and send them outside. It’s amazing what they will come back with. A wide variety of leaves and flowers for one, which can be used for craft projects. Find something they can do with what they bring back. There are tons of things that can be done with sticks. I’ve yet to figure out what to do with the frogs.

Such a joy!

Jacob has a special gift to make anyone smile at any time. I so appreciate that about him.
All four kids and I are sick...Jason is a little icky but not as bad as everyone else. So it's really run around here. Feeling like poop this morning but still having to carry Abbie around because she feels like poop too was exhausting. I put her in the Bjorn to give my arms a break and then sat on the toilet...not to go to the bathroom (it's not one of THOSE kind of stories), just needed a place to sit for a minute. Jacob came in and sat on the package of toilet paper on the floor in front of me. I said "nice chair you have there Jake". And he says "Yeah!" I said "it's nice and squishy, huh" He says "And it moves!!!" as he rocks back and forth on it with this huge smile on his face. His whole face lights up when he smiles, even when he's sick. He finds joy in the smallest things and spreads his joy to anyone around. Love that kid! I had to smile with him =)

Be careful when overdue with a baby!

So in October I was due with baby #4. At 2 1/2 weeks overdue I wasn't all that worried, just annoyed that baby wasn't here. I was 27 days late with 2 out of 3 of the boys. Yep, almost four weeks...doesn't that sound fun? So on October 26 I headed out to the chicken coop in the evening to lock up the chickens. Jason wasn't home yet and most days it was my job to get them in the coop at dusk. Being hugely pregnant, this was not my favorite job. Chasing little boys with a huge belly is one thing, chasing chickens is something else. Everytime I went out there is was a huge ordeal. They would run in and out of all the doors while I tried to get them back in. Sometimes this would take a half hour or so just to get them all contained. But this day I thought I was smart. I would close the gate on the outside run, run into the coop and shut the sliding door behind me and run over and close the little chicken door. I figured even if they went out the little door they weren't going anywhere because the fence was closed. Brilliant plan. And it worked great, I actually got the little door closed before any of them ran out. So took my time feeding them and went to leave....but the door wouldn't open. The sliding door isn't on a track and is incredibly heavy. With my giant belly I could not get the leverage to get the door open. I had it open about 2 inches and I was trying to wedge my arm in it and push it open. It wasn't happening. So I'm starting to panic a little. The boys are alone in the house and I'm stuck in the coop with the chickens. I am using all my strength to get that door open...wouldn't budge. I had my shoulder wedged in trying to push it open and I hear from across the yard "Are you ok?" Jason was home! He had come to save me!!! He came running and let me out. Meanwhile, I had been having contractions all day,and the whole time I was in the coop. Yep, had the baby later that night! So I trapped myself in the coop while in labor, just didn't know it yet. That could have been seriously bad. I'm sure none of those chickens are trained in midwifery!
On a brighter note...our baby girl was born the morning of October 27. We got a pink one!